About the Cadet Summer Training Centre

Our History

Our History

The history of the Greenwood Cadet Training Centre begins in 1951. Though Air Cadets trained in Greenwood as early as 1942, it wasn't until 1951 that Greenwood was officially consolidated as the summer training location for Air Cadets from the Atlantic Region.

The Atlantic Region Air Cadet Camp, as it was known then, occupied the area of the present day cadet complex at CFB Greenwood in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. In the early years the staff consisted mainly of Regular Force officers and a few reservists to train the cadets. Between 300-350 cadets were trained over 4 two-week periods. The camp reached its maximum quota in the early stages of its development during the mid 1950's, training 1800 cadets during each summer. At that time, training consisted of only two courses; Junior NCO and Senior NCO, where the primary focus in each course was leadership, drill and sports.

During those early years, cadets and staff were housed in tents and the entire complex was known as 'Tent City'. During the mid-1950's, Air Reservists, the forebears of the CIC (Cadet Instructor Cadre), were running the camp with assistance from Regular Force officers. Discipline was very firm in those days, but most cadets accepted this as a matter of course.

For a brief two year period in 1960 and 1961, the Atlantic Region Air Cadet Camp was moved to Summerside, PEI due to space allocation problems in Greenwood. In 1962, the camp returned to Greenwood, but was relocated into Hangar 1. As well as housing all the cadets, the hangar provided for classroom, office and supply accommodations.

In 1984, the camp moved its quarters once again to the west side of the base where the cadets were quartered in a 'trailer' complex. The camp Headquarters, office and staff quarters were located in the adjacent Barrack Blocks 30 and 31. It was at this time that the camp started making use of Hangar 6 in order to teach cadets in a more proper classroom setting.

In 1995, the Atlantic Region Air Cadet Camp became the Greenwood Air Cadet Summer Training Centre to better reflect the realities of the current Summer Training program.

Cadets from the Greenwood Training Centre have participated in numerous activities within and outside the community over the years. The Training Centre Band has been present at countless parades and concerts throughout much of Nova Scotia. Many Senior Military Officials and Base Commanders have reviewed graduating cadets. During the Royal Visit to Halifax of 1994, cadets from the Training Centre participated in a Departure Honour Guard for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in 1995 were reviewed by the Lieutenant Governor of NS, the Honourable John James Kinley.

In 2001, the Training Centre celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, new crest was adopted to replace the crest that had been in use since the early 80’s but never officially approved, as it was not in the “official” format.

It is estimated that over 60,000 young people have been trained in Greenwood to date. There have been many changes made since 1951 but Air Cadets from across the Atlantic region still come to Greenwood, Nova Scotia each summer to learn new things, watch airplanes fly, make lifelong friendships and return to their Squadrons and communities with worthwhile life experiences.

Our Badge

Our Badge

Each year Greenwood Cadet Training Centre, located in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, challenge more than 1100 Cadets to reach for new goals and accomplish them.

Their pursuit of reaching new heights is represented by the Osprey that is positioned centrally flying towards the sky. As the official bird of Nova Scotia, the Osprey also serves to represent the location of the Training Centre for the past 56 years. The colors red and white represent the official colors of Canada while the entire crest copies the Air Force Roundel. The motto in latin “EXCELLENTIA PER CONLEGIUM” translates into “Excellence through Teamwork”.