About the Cadet Training Centre

In the summer of 1969, Bagotville welcomed its first cadets, divided into four two-week camps using the base’s facilities. Over the years, through many organizational and physical changes, the summer camp has evolved into its present form. The major event of the early years was the arrival of female cadets in 1975.

In the 1970s, a fire destroyed two buildings. This forced the camp to move some of its facilities to the Polyvalente [comprehensive school] in 1974, and to Cégep de Jonquière in 1975. The junior leadership course, the junior and senior music courses, the fitness course for all environments, the electronics course, the flight theory course and the gliding course were given in Jonquière, leaving only the basic training course at Bagotville. Starting in 1975, the Eastern Region Gliding School was established at Lafontaine School in Chicoutimi, which became a new detachment of the camp.

An increase in staff and costs led to a major change in the summer of 1982. A music school was created for cadets from the three environments in the Quebec Region, and the fitness course was transferred to Valcartier. This resulted in the closure of the Jonquière detachment. The junior leadership course joined the survival course, which had been given at the Domaine de la jeunesse since 1973. Starting in 1982, this entire site was rented for cadet summer training.

As for aviation courses, the Eastern Region Gliding School (École des Planeurs de la Région de l’Est) became autonomous in 1988 and was given a new name in French (École de Vol à Voile de la Région de l'Est). The school moved to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in 1996.

Cadets benefited from the Regular Force facilities development plan in Bagotville. Dormitory trailers and sanitation facilities were built and set up temporarily at the base. In the summer of 1989, cadets went to camp at the new Basic Training Wing (BTW) site.

In the spring of 1993, a new facility at Domaine de la jeunesse on Lake Sébastien––the Survival and Leadership Wing (SLW)––made it possible to accommodate a larger number of cadets and offer the national survival course. The training centre now accommodated 1,000 cadet and staff members combined. A total of 1,930 people ran and attended courses in the Saguenay region.

In the summer of 2000, the cadet instructor course was brought back to CFB Bagotville. In 2002, a music room was made available, as well as a new washroom facility. The following summer (2003), nearly 25 rigid-frame tents were added. The camp’s long range objective was to bring all aviation courses back to 3 Wing, except for the power pilot and gliding courses, which were offered at the Eastern Region Gliding School in St Jean sur-Richelieu.

The lease with Domaine de la jeunesse expired in May 2004. It was then decided that all activities would be brought together at the 3 Wing camp. The base reorganized its kitchen facilities to feed all cadets, staff cadets and staff members using 3 Wing’s food services. Buildings were constructed to accommodate everybody at a single camp.

ACSTC Bagotville HQ had been housed in Building 68 (facing CANEX) since 1998. In 2005, ACSTC Bagotville HQ moved to its new location. The new HQ was located on the campsite itself in the old Duguay cafeteria, which was transformed into functional offices and workstations.In the summer of 2006, two new residences were built for officers on the cadet campsite itself. In 2011, the summer camp welcomed 1,409 cadets, including 157 staff cadets, in addition to its 132 staff members.

Since 2009, Lieutenant-Colonel Pierrette Trépanier, CD, has commanded the summer camp. She is the camp’s 12th commander and the first woman in the institution’s history to hold this position.